1) All deposits are non-refundable.

2) Balances are due 1 calendar month before course starts. JSARTS reserves the right to cancel bookings where balances have not been settled in full by the due date.

3) In the event of you cancelling within one month of the start date the full course fee will still be payable.

4) JSARTS reserves the right to alter or cancel venues, facilities, dates and tutors as necessary, but will always attempt to provide an alternative that matches as close as practicable to the original.

5) If, as a result of any reason beyond its control, JSARTS cancels or alters the dates or location of the course then they will not pay refunds or consequential losses in respect of those changes.

6) If having made the booking, you find that you have been at risk of contact with an infectious or contagious disease, you must inform JSARTS. If cancellation is required, JSARTS will refund all money on receipt of medical proof.

7) Special medical dietary needs will only be catered for following advance agreement by JSARTS.

8) Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied on courses by a parent.

9) JSARTS reserves the right to refuse any booking without explanation


Please note some insurance companies offer policies that provide cover against you cancelling your holiday or for consequential losses if holiday altered for any of the above reasons.